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QOTD: Mulayam to blame for Noida?

Almost a week after Nithari's serial killer Moninder Singh got caught, political parties are out in full strength to reap the maximum political dividends put of the case.

UP Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav though has been unable to find time to visit the crime scene, some say its superstition that has shooed him away. Mulayam was very much in the Capital on Thursday but avoided paying a visit to Nithari.

Demands for a CBI probe have been made by all opposition parties in UP, but the state government is not accepting it.

Top police officials have been suspended, but the entire investigation now has left many gaping holes.

While the entire issue has acquired political overtones, new twists have been coming up almost on a daily basis in the horrendous case.

Things could not have been more bizarre than when the UP Chief Minister, refused to either pay a visit to the crime scene or let the case be referred to the CBI.

Is it fair to target Mulayam Singh Yadav for the Nithari killings?

To answer the big question on CNN-IBN Face the Nation was Samajwadi Party general secretary Amar Singh, Congress Spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan and Jan Morcha,Convenor, Raj Babbar who is also a former member of the Samajwadi party.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav has said little on the murders of children in Nithari village, but his brother PWD Minister Shivpal Singh Yadav has created a controversy.
Shivpal Singh, UP's Public Works Department Minister, on Thursday raised eyebrows by describing the murders as “small and routine incidents”.
Commenting upon the controversy, Amar Singh snapped back saying the Samajwadi Party is not to be held responsible for the case. He cited example of other states that score much higher than UP in crime rate.

“As per the National crime bureau report which is prepared not by my CM Mulayam Singh Yadav but by the Union Home ministry, the place of crime in UP is 28th. There are 27 states above in the list other than UP. Why don’t you talk about them?” he said.

“Nithari killing is a very gruesome case. But the local MLA’s and the local MPs of BJP are responsible for it. The person involved in this crime is reportedly close to an elected Congress MP from Jalandher as per some newspaper reports,” added Amar Singh.

Responding to the charges, Congress Spokesperson Jayanti Natarajan said she is appalled by the frivolous approach in which SP is taking this gruesome incident.

“I’m absolutely appalled by the stand that Amar Singh has taken. The issue is not about what political party is the murderer related to or whether the local MLAs or MPs are responsible or not, the issue is what has the police been doing for two years when people complained about missing children. Why Mulayam Singh Yadav is abstaining from referring the case to the CBI? Why is he still shielding the police? He will have to answer these questions sooner or later,” she said.

Jan Morcha Convenor Raj Babbar said Mulayam’s party is trying to abdicate responsibility. “The way things are moving in Uttar Pradesh, it’s certain that there is no governance. Moneymaking is their only way of governance in this state,” he said.

Whatever charges do the political parties level against each other, the fact remains that the parties are trying to score political points out of a gruesome act. The case is crucial for it may unveil a bigger racket—the theory that has not been ruled out yet, of the case being related to organ trade. The need of the hour is not blaming political parties but to resort to scientific findings, forensic enquiry, DNA tests to dig out important clues that could perhaps lead to unveiling a bigger racket.
By stirring up political issues, the entire investigation process may get hindered—a serious concern that the political parties fail to address and understand.

“Mulayam Singh Yadav and Amar Singh are shameless people with no principles. Mulayam is not visiting the crime scene because he is haunted by some superstition. What sense does that makes? He sees no superstition while siphoning the money out of that state. Today it is superstitious for him to even visit that area,” snapped Raj Babbar.

“This is Political Vendetta against Samajwadi Party”

Why is it that the UP Chief Minister decides to spend full 24 hours in Delhi but refuses to visit the place where he is needed most?

Responding to the issue Amar Singh said the atmosphere is not conducive in Nithari and that Mulayam’s visit to the crime scene will “add fuel to the fire.” He made a point that the “administration should be given breathing space to tackle the situation.”

“Mulayam Singh’s brother Shivpal Yadav has visited the place. He has given Rs 5 lakh compensation to the villagers. If CM goes and violence breaks out, then your new channel will be the one to report the ‘brutal lathicharge on innocent villagers,” he added.

Raj Babbar slammed Shiv Pal’s remarks on the incident. “Shiv Pal Yadav goes to the crime scene and says trivial incidents like these keep happening every now and then. He is calling such a massacre trivial? This clearly shows that SP is not capable of handling the administration of this state. The truth has been stripped out in public,” said Babbar.
Meanwhile Congress party seems to have made its moves shrewdly. Responding to the charge Jayanthi Natarajan said, “This is a human rights issue. Congress party has been extremely restrained in its response. We raised voice when people were distributed checks without any account numbers on them. There are so many issues that could have been raised to politicise the whole thing, but it is not what we aim to do. Police mishandled the entire case right from the scratch.”

Several fingers are being pointed on to the role of the police in letting crime happen at such huge scale. Why then the SP is not agreeing to the case being handed over to the CBI?

“We are not against the CBI inquiry. But I want to ask, what is it that the CBI can do in this? We are not hiding any facts under the carpet. It was our police that identified the house, dug out the remains and informed people about it,” said Amar Singh.

Yet another example of deteriorating law and order situation in UP

Whether it’s the case of disappearance of a female professor in Meerut, or the battle between vice chancellor of Lucknow University and the UP government taking mulayam Singh head on, why is it that all crime action corners around Samajwadi party? Is the party now worried that this could affect its political fortunes?

“We are not worried about it. I remember the case when over 70 women died in the constituency of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, it was Lal ji Tandon’s birthday and he distributed saris when a huge stampede broke out. We could also have politicized that incident but we did not do so,” said Amar Singh.

Final Verdict: Is it fair to target Mulayam Singh for Nithari killings?

The nationwide SMS poll showed 81 per cent of the viewers saying yes, it is indeed the Samajwadi party and its chief Mulayam Singh that should be blamed for the entire case.