Author Jhoomur Bose's book' 'Confessionally Yours' revolves around protagonist Polly. Polly, who is incapable of writing a good article for the newspaper - according to her editor. Polly can't have a baby soon enough for her mother-in-law...
Polly is not pretty enough for her husband - who moans about his ex - when they're having the best sex ever.

Polly is not aggressive enough for her bitching colleagues and friends...
In the midst of all this, Polly has to write an expose on an anonymous blogger who has the entire media talking. Polly has been offered big money to write the story but writing it could cost other people their jobs and Polly her closest friend. But when things take a drastic turn Polly knows she will need to sort out her life and this story might be her only resort...
You can read an extract from the book here »
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