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A woman's body is her own, it shouldn't be violated: Advaita Kala sends out a strong message on International Women's Day, doesn't support ban on 'India's Daughter'

Avaita shares her opinion on BBC'S documentary 'India's Daughter', why it is becoming increasingly difficult for her to stay in India and a lot more.

Amitabh Bachchan: Women are the stronger beings; when they prosper, society prospers

Amid discussions on women's safety in India, Amitabh demands 'respect of equality' for the 'stronger beings'.

Women's Day special: Celebrities speak up about gender pay gap in Bollywood

It is a fact that even the top actresses don't make as much as the actors.

Just one day to celebrate womanhood? Not justified: Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia speaks exclusively to about women who inspire her, and why just a day to celebrate women's achievements isn't sufficient.

Pakistan isn't about burqa-clad women; it's a misconception: Aamina Sheikh

On Women's Day, Aamina talks about her reasons behind discriminatory attitude towards women, and misconceptions about women in Pakistan.

Sugandha Garg: What's wrong with being a feminist?

Aware of the fact that many find the term 'feminism' off-putting and negative, Sugandha feels there is nothing wrong with one believing in equality between the genders.

Enough of dialogues, let's box out the problems: Mary Kom's special message on Women's Day

When we talk of empowered women, the first name that strikes us is definitely Mary Kom.