The International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year around the world.

Who is this fat, deformed woman in the mirror? A mother's story about fighting cancer and finding herself again

Age 20 : winning pageants, walking the ramp, toast of the town. Age 30 : two babies and a washboard flat tummy. Fit & fabulous. Age 35 : cancer. The destruction of my body.

What mothers and daughters can teach you

On Women's Day, read what mothers and daughters can teach you.

Women's Day Special: Celebration of womanhood in 'Gulaab Gang', 'Queen'

This week's Bollywood releases truly celebrate the spirit of womanhood with films like 'Gulaab Gang' and 'Queen'.

Women's Day: Why is TV cocking a snook at women's empowerment?

Why does women's empowerment find little space on the small screen?

You know women still have a long way to go when you hear them say, 'my husband lets me do what I want to'

Women's emancipation is freedom from expectations that weigh her down.

'Five husbands! That can't be fun, God know I have enough trouble with one': Kalki Koechlin writes a monologue on Women's Day

The monologue, which she dubbed as 'Just Another Rant', is a frustrated ode to women everywhere chained and bound by traditional patriarchy.