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Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has unveiled its new flagship smartphone - the Galaxy S4 - in New York City. Here's all that you need to know about the fourth generation Galaxy S.

Samsung Galaxy S4 available online for pre-order at Rs 59,990

Even taking into account the duties on the Samsung Galaxy S4, the price of Rs 59,990 seems stratospheric.

Here is how Apple should respond to the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung's newest, feature-packed Galaxy S4 may put pressure on Apple Inc to accelerate its pace of smartphone design and venture into cheaper devices - both departures from usual practice.

Samsung Galaxy S4 review: Nothing much in it to set the world on fire

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a grab-bag of features that don't come together as a pleasing whole.

10 Samsung Galaxy S4 features that you won't find on any other mobile

Here are the 10 exciting features of the Galaxy S4 that you won't find on any other mobile phone.

After Galaxy S4 launch, Apple explains why iPhone 5 is the best

After Galaxy S4 launch, Apple released a webpage explaining why the iPhone 5 is better than smartphones from its rivals.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Apple iPhone 5 vs HTC One vs Galaxy S III

Here's how the Samsung Galaxy S4 compares to the competition and its predecessor, the S III.

Samsung Galaxy S4 emerges with unconventional features

Some industry watchers believe the Galaxy S4 sets a high bar for Apple to surpass.

Does Samsung Galaxy S4 pale in comparison with HTC One?

But the smartphone which can pose a danger to the success of the Galaxy S4 smartphone is the recently unveiled HTC One