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India's Darker Side: This Independence Day week we're bringing you a State Of the Nation special. Is there anything to celebrate as the nation enters it's 67th year?

State of The Nation: Is bonded labour increasing in India?

State of The Nation: Are we losing or winning the war against poverty?

Low penalties, long trials; bonded labour continues in India

Bonded labour continues to be India's shame. Even today, thousands of poor people have been forced into slavery because of low penalties, long trials and no accountability. A nine-year-old, Malavika started going to school 2-year-ago. She, along with her grandmother were tricked by an agent 5-year-ago and spent breaking stones at a quarry near Mangalore. They were promised food, money

Maharashtra: Hospitals miles away, Jawahar kids die of malnutrition

Forty eight per cent children in India suffer from malnutrition. In Jawahar, Maharashtra, women have to walk for almost 3 hours while carrying their toddlers to reach the nearest hospital which is 12 kms from their village. Manjula Wagh, is among thousands of Maharashtra's tribal women who fear their child could be malnourished.

State of The Nation: Why is India still the world capital for open defecation?

State of The Nation: Is malnutrition a bigger problem than hunger?