The Gujarat Yatra

CNN-IBN Senior Editor Anubha Bhonsle travels through Gujarat to feel the pulse of the 'aam admi' ahead of the all-important state election.

Gujarat Yatra: The two sides to vibrant Ahmedabad

Our series on Gujarat Yatra ends with our final stop, at Ahmedabad, which is often perceived as a city of contrasts, between the urban areas and the resettlement colonies for the riots victims across the Sabaramati that paint a picture of neglect. These are the two sides to a vibrant Ahmedabad: one with the hustle and bustle, well-paved roads and

Gujarat Yatra: Mixed fortunes of farmers in Palanpur, Banaskantha

In North Gujarat's Palanpur area, Arun Kumar Saini, a farmer, is unaware of the FDI debate raging in Parliament. Arun has been growing potatoes for multinational Mc Cain since 2004, a partnership that has not only been profitable but has also helped him get technical expertise that has increased his yield manifold.

Gujarat yatra: Health and pollution woes in Alang ignored by politicians

It's Day 3 of CNN-IBN's Gujarat yatra and CNN-IBN heads to Bhavnagar, where life revolves around a ship breaking yard. Alang, that employs almost 50,000 people, is a big money spinner both for the state and the central government, but is also a big polluter.

Gujarat yatra: Rajkot's cotton farmers suffer

In his birthplace Porbandar, Mahatma Gandhi is only a memory now

Gujarat Yatra: Surat entrepreneurs split between Modi, Keshubhai

Surat - Gujarat's second-largest city, that recorded the ninth-highest GDP in India in 2012, is growing rapidly and new flyovers are being constructed every month. The diamond city is commended for best utilising the Centre's JNURM funds.

Gujarat Yatra: In Narendra Modi's hometown Vadnagar, it's impossible to find detractors

It's Day 4 of CNN-IBN's Gujarat yatra and CNN-IBN heads to Vadnagar, which is the hometown of Chief Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi. The town, which boasts of a rich history, is completely sold on the idea of Modi and finding a detractor there is next to impossible.

The Patel Prize

The so called Patel mobilization was only a phrase I had a heard till I reached Rajkot. I was going to meet Naresh Patel, the quiet, self assured man

Nothing Gandhian about Porbandar

Porbandar's hero, perhaps its only claim to fame, the birth place of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. If one was to walk on the streets of Porbandar, the Mahatma would be