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Finding India

by Amrita Tripathi
Tuesday , September 11, 2012 at 14 : 28

The weather's perfect, a day after the storm (and tornado warning, with parts of Brooklyn and Queens hit), New York is bustling on a Sunday...

Music in the parks, a pet lover's paradise at Union Square... And an Indian connect to warm any desi's heart. Gandhi ji is tucked away in one corner.

Walking by the legendary Strand bookstore, if you just happen to look down, one of the many 'Made In India' sewer caps, make of that what you will.


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Amrita Tripathi is a news anchor with CNN-IBN, and also doubles up as Health and Books Editor. An MA in Philosophy from St Stephen's College, Delhi University, she has also taught a few undergraduate classes at her alma mater, informally! When she is not tracking health issues, Amrita is busy chasing the literary dream. Her debut novel Broken News was published in 2010. Before joining CNN-IBN, Amrita worked with The Indian Express.

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