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New York, a melting pot of ethnicities, cuisines, languages, cultures and architecture, is possibly the world's most vibrant city. This space is intended to capture the city's heartbeat.

The right to bear arms

by Amrita Tripathi
Monday , September 17, 2012 at 09 : 38

Another morning, news of another shooting. This in New Jersey, where an employee returned after his shift to shoot out the store he worked at, where his co-workers were getting ready for business, getting ready to open at 6 am. He killed an 18 year old girl and a 24 year old boy before killing himself, is what reports are saying. The gunman's age? Just 23.

The shooting outside the Empire State Building heralded the start of this bloody week. A disgruntled employee shot dead a former co-worker, pumping bulletins into his lifeless body - as eyewitnesses told me. He was well-dressed, hiding his weapon till then...and was shot by police (who, Mayor Bloomberg admitted, were responsible for injuring several civilians in the cross-fire).

In any other country, these would be considered local "news" - violent crimes specific...Read more...

Finding India

by Amrita Tripathi
Tuesday , September 11, 2012 at 14 : 28

The weather's perfect, a day after the storm (and tornado warning, with parts of Brooklyn and Queens hit), New York is bustling on a Sunday...

Music in the parks, a pet lover's paradise at Union Square... And an Indian connect to warm any desi's heart. Gandhi ji is tucked away in one corner.

Walking by the legendary Strand bookstore, if you just happen to look down, one of the many 'Made In India' sewer caps, make of that what you will.

...

A few hours after the shooting outside the Empire State Building, while police tried to contain the scene of the crime, curious on-lookers, tourists, and media crews descended upon the spot (as seen in the pictures).

The police extended the Do Not Cross yellow tape. The victim's body was not visible, but pretty soon a few eye-witnesses emerged, willing to talk to the press, and show the gruesome picture.

The victim had been shot in the face, and then bullets were pumped into his body. One of the witnesses said he heard 6 shots. His first instinct was to hide in case the shooter - who had his back to him - came towards him. A witness who worked at...Read more...

The grub street life of Big Apple

by Amrita Tripathi
Thursday , July 19, 2012 at 12 : 18

This city overwhelms. You underwhelm. This city is a massive ode to skyscrapers and a testament to human vision. You are the ant from the metaphor. This city is all about New Yorkers, for New Yorkers, by New Yorkers. You're not yet a New Yorker.

And then you are.

The New York skyline

Skyline under construction

At Herald Square

Okay, not all of a sudden, but I did read somewhere that it's just one of those cities that even visitors suddenly grow to identify with, and take on the title for. Unlike my city of birth, Delhi, I add quickly. It's such a...Read more...

Empire State O' Mind

by Amrita Tripathi
Friday , July 13, 2012 at 15 : 50

Like all good desis, the foreign trip starts with the packing. The over-packing, to be precise. Gone are the days when we'd sit on suitcases to make them shut, but the same principle applies. Then the 18 hour trip to the Home of the Brave, Land of the Free... and thud! thump! you're stuck in the longest line of your life. It took a little less than 2 hours to clear immigration. I thought of bolting a couple of times, but figured that wouldn't stand me in good stead. The actual process itself was painless and hassle-free (sorry about that, Shah Rukh) but it's the waiting, the lines, that could possibly kill you. If you're planning a trip this summer to the US, well budget that in to your travel time. No one does, do they now!

Word of advice, it's not...

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Empire State O' Mind

Like all good desis, the foreign trip starts with the packing. The over-packing, to be precise. Gone are the