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Binder's full of Obama voters and other online musings

by Daaman Thandi
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 at 15 : 37

'Binders full of women,' 47 percent,' 'Big Bird,' the three most popular online and offline phrases since the presidential debates is what remains of the legacy of the Romney campaign. Romney lost the election by more than a '47 percent' but some of his comments sure added spunk to the sometimes jaded rhetoric heard during the campaign:

Little Girl cries over Obama and Mitt Romney

Binders full of Women Meme to take over the world

Luckily for lil Miss Elizabeth the election is finally over. However, most people in this county were not apathetic towards the election.

Obama's sweeping win left my very democratic and politically active campus in the heart of DC ecstatic beyond sobriety on adrenaline alone, for there was no alcohol served on campus tonight. However, what caught my attention was the unequivocal comments, by my colleagues and classmates, on how the voting lines were longer than the ones during the 2008 elections. This unconfirmed higher voter presence, perhaps due to the supposed dead even that hinted a very close presidential election, may have managed to swing the result in Obama's favor. Although, I personally believe that Chris Rock's appeal to undecided "voters of the Caucasian variety" won Barry Obama more votes that the dashing Mitt Romney and his perfectly coiffed hair:

Chris Rock's message to white voters

And now with the "very white" Barrack Hussain Obama back in office, good ole Romney can go back to living it up gangman style:

Mitt Romney Gangman style parody

Jokes, meme's and parody's apart the 2012 election has marked the era of social media elections. The 2012 US election is now the most commented-on, liked and shared event in the twitterverse and the social media world. According to PEW research centre "22% of registered voters have let others know how they voted on a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter." And Twitter is believed to have a have had a record average of 3,000 tweets per minute on the its Election 2012 page. With the precedent set, what remains to be seen is whether the phenomena will be replicated in our elections?


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