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New York, a melting pot of ethnicities, cuisines, languages, cultures and architecture, is possibly the world's most vibrant city. This space is intended to capture the city's heartbeat.

Book review: Pax Indica by Shashi Tharoor

by Daaman Thandi
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 16 : 32

The title Pax Indica, which literally translates into 'Indian peace,' borrows its title from the ancient Pax Romana and the more recent concept of Pax Americana and Pax Britannica. The book stipulates a similar grand strategy of relative peace and glory for India. Despite the grand title, this is not an attempt by Tharoor to write his magnum opus on India's Foreign Policy. Instead, as Tharoor puts it himself, "This book is a work of reflection, not scholarship." The title nonetheless is a misnomer and reflects Tharoor's overtly optimistic beliefs in India. The book at best provides a perfunctory overview of India's foreign relations and interactions without being overly critical of the government and bypasses analyzing diplomatic failures such as the IPKF in Sri Lanka.

The key limitation of the book is that Tharoor, former Minister of State for External Affairs of India and former Under-Secretary-General...Read more...

Binder's full of Obama voters and other online musings

by Daaman Thandi
Wednesday, November 07, 2012 at 15 : 37

'Binders full of women,' 47 percent,' 'Big Bird,' the three most popular online and offline phrases since the presidential debates is what remains of the legacy of the Romney campaign. Romney lost the election by more than a '47 percent' but some of his comments sure added spunk to the sometimes jaded rhetoric heard during the campaign:

Little Girl cries over Obama and Mitt Romney

Binders full of Women Meme to take over the world

Luckily for lil Miss Elizabeth the election is finally over. However, most people in this county were not apathetic towards the election.

Obama's sweeping win left...

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