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Know what leading academics, writers, poets, musicians, activists and journalists from the region have to say to develop an informed perspective on matters related to this part of India.

Did you know that the Chinese called Manipur 'Hso Po lo mein' and the Burmese called it 'Kathe', that Manipur called Tripura 'Takhel' and that till date there is a beautiful flower in Manipur called 'Takhel-lei' which means flower of Takhel/Tripura? To many in India, we are just one block of people, 'The Northeasterners'. Isn't it time to weave our collective histories?

For more than 63 years in the history of the independent Republic of India, the history/histories of 45 million of its citizens living in 8 states of the northeast region of the country have been absent from our school, college and university text books. This ignorance or lack of awareness is one of the major causes of the wrong perception about them. This is one of the main reasons that people of the northeast region are discriminated against when they travel...Read more...

What treaty that the whites have kept has the Red broken?/Not one./ What treaty that the white man ever made with us have they kept?/Not one.

- Native American Indian Chief, Hunkpapa of Lakota tribe, 1831-1890

I came across this quote a few summers back in the National Museum of the American Indian in New York. The words came back to me as I started penning my thoughts for my maiden article for IBNLive. Writing at a time when the work and memories of massive protests following the events that rocked India after the wrongful deaths of two young people from India's northeast in Bangalore and in Gurgaon in April 2012 are still fresh, many a questions were asked to us as to why this happened and solutions searched for an equitable and just India....Read more...

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Binalakshmi Nepram is an author-civil rights activist who is spearheading work on making women-led disarmament a movement and meaningful issue. In 2004, Bina co-founded India’s first civil society organization dedicated to conventional disarmament issues, the Control Arms Foundation of India. And in 2007 in order to help thousands of women who survived gun violence in her home-state, Bina launched the Manipur Women Gun Survivor Network.

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