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Once upon a time, a young man had a pond. It held such clear, sweet water that went down your throat smoothly and left behind a lingering taste of honey. The young man was very proud of his pond. But one day, he discovered the water was muddy quite early in the morning. This went on for a week. It meant that someone was dirtying the pond water before he could fetch it. So the man decided to wake very early the next day and keep vigil by the pond...Suddenly, there was a fine gold light close by. He saw beautiful sky-women descending to earth singing a sky-song.

(From the folktale, The man who went to heaven, Naga Folktales Retold, Barkweaver 2009)

Of the many narratives silenced by war, the folk tales of the Nagas suffered a long period of being...Read more...

Some years ago a plainsman came to the village of Khonoma in Nagaland. He made the acquaintance of an old woman who was a healer and a herbalist. Badgering her for many days and offering her a sum of money that was very large for a simple village dweller he made her part with the secrets of her herbal knowledge.

In a separate incident, a female research scholar from a state in eastern India gleaned a lot of information on Naga women. This took place in the nineties. The focus of her study was the physical and mental problems that Naga women endure in the midst of a political conflict. The scholar sent out questionnaires to several educated people in Nagaland without revealing her intentions. She then used that information to promote herself as an expert on Naga women...Read more...

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Easterine Kire, poet, storyteller, novelist, has written three volumes of poetry and four novels as well as short story collections and a novella. She is partner in the publishing house, Barkweaver which collects and publishers folktales of the Nagas, children's stories and real stories of ordinary people. She has a Ph.D in English Literature from Poona University. Her novels have earned rave reviews.

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