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Let's not be ashamed to admit it but we in the North-East have a strong Delhi fixation. Now that both the Prime Minister and Union home minister have visited the riot-affected areas, the cries of neglect would have temporarily died down even if nothing much is achieved by the visits of the two worthies. And what an irony that P Chidambaram should return from Assam to hand over his responsibilities to Sushil Kumar Shinde, a man whose achievement slate is as blank as it could get. Left to the public, the verdict for Shinde would have been "hang him" for putting the country through a shameful and unprecedented power crisis that is the current theme for the global media. "India global superpower aspirant in a power crisis," was the shrieking indictment from the foreign media. That not so power(ful) misadventure has taken the headlines away from Assam to...Read more...

Nothing can be more disastrous for society than when doctors turn mercenaries and put money before human life. The kind of medical malpractice that came into the public domain recently where a fully fit and healthy person was made to sign his own death warrant is frightening to say the least. And it is just because Sannjay Sharma is so well known and a media and communications person that the matter received the attention it did. No one knows how many patients die daily on account of medical negligence or because of some procedure conducted by a clique of medical specialists who fly in to Shillong, conduct an operation and fly out leaving someone else in the hospital/nursing home to take the rap in case something goes wrong. This is exactly what happened in the case of Sannjay Sharma.

The first reaction of many who have...

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Patricia Mukhim is currently Editor, The Shillong Times, Meghalaya's oldest and largest circulating English daily. A winner of several journalistic awards, she is also Member, National Security Advisory Board (NSAB) and a much read columnist. Her articles appear in The Statesman, The Telegraph and The Assam Tribune.

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