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Apart from the Chinese interest in Arunachal Pradesh, the other thing that has kept us in the news are the numerous hydroelectric projects (HEPs), ranging from few Kilowatts to thousands of Megawatts. With some 132 projects expected to contribute more than 28,000 MW, Arunachal has been projected as the answer to India's power need. Experts say Arunachal is capable of generating some 50,000 plus MW of power.

What these experts don't tell us is the amount of environmental destruction it is going to cause us apart from the massive influx of workers from outside that will dislocate and marginalise the small indigenous communities.

Even if these facts are hidden from us deliberately, there are already ample examples in the state to learn from.

Before someone accuses those raising voices against power projects of...Read more...

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Tongam Rina is a journalist based out of Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. She is currently the associate editor of The Arunachal Times, the largest selling daily in the state.

Tongam has been a school teacher, an advertising agency team member, has led the the Hunger Project’s state unit, has worked on issues of local self-governance and gender, and taught communication in the state’s university. She is today recognised as one of the dependable voices of political and development analysis, largely through her popular column Ring Side View.

She has written on issues ranging from the politics of hydropower to the dilemmas of environment and development, from the complex web of the public distribution system to waterlogged city streets.

Caution: Wet Ink is her freewheeling thoughts on Arunachal, the North-East and life in general.

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