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Of my India visit and the powers of the moon

by Ursula James
Friday , May 18, 2012 at 17 : 23

It is my first visit to India in 20 years, and as I wonder at the extraordinary changes which have taken place here, I also reflect on what a difference this time has made to myself. I am now more at peace, more humble, and more ready to learn. I am here to learn about the magic of this country, India.

I am also delighted to connect through the wonders of Facebook with India's 'Lesser known Poet' and author of Love on the Rocks, Ismita Tandon Dhankher.

She contacted me after reading "The Source", and was kind enough to review it.

The Source - Book review

The Source is an unusual book that allows you a glimpse of the soul and in time have a dialogue with the inner force. On the journey to this place of bliss, one has to weed out the old hurts and the petty grudges that have been nurtured for so long.

Knowingly or unknowingly, all of us are caught up in the wheel of our past experiences and relationships and yet, we cling to them as if our life depends on them.

Ursula in her book with great honesty brings us face to face with our biggest adversary, our own fears and complexes of inadequacy.

The author very deftly shows us the way to confront these fears in a trance and come out shining and cleansed.

The language is candid and the narration dives straight into the heart of how all of us yearn for fulfilling relationships, abundance and meaning in our lives.

There lurks humour beneath the author's style of storytelling, making sombre issues like exhausting relationships, failure and betrayal amusing to read.

The beauty of this book lies in bringing to life Mother Shipton, a sixteenth century prophetess and healer who guided Ursula to write this book.

The story of both Mother Shipton and Ursula is riveting and instantly make the reader realise that their perception of the word magic would change forever.

The book is subtle and yet will leave a deep impact on the mind of those who truly wish to explore their inner self.

The Source impels you to take charge of your life as Ursula did and share your happiness and blessings with the rest of the world.

An intriguing aspect of the book is the various phases of the lunar cycle that call forth rites and rituals to cleanse the mind of negativity and embrace love and forgiveness.

The rituals described in the book are simple, doable, yet, significant to ones journey to the source.

After reading The Source, I can assure you that you can't dismiss the Moon as another planet and would long to share your anxieties and deep seeded desires with your Luna Sister, the Moon.

It takes courage to write a book that says that the problems are not in the world but they originate in us.

The Source is indeed, a manual of everyday magic and a thoroughly insightful, enjoyable read and you'll find yourself going back to it time and again.

To quote Mother Shipton, "Look within, for without you wither."

You can download a mp3 magical journey called The Source by going to www.ursulajames.info where you can also read about the book and my journey to becoming magical.

Bless you, and enjoy your own journey to The Source of everyday magic.

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