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On behalf of the North East Residents Welfare Association, Bangalore, at the very outset, I would like to assure every one concerned that people from the North-East are safe in Bangalore. It is just some rumour mongers who are spreading these malacious rumours to disturb peace and amity between people.

Bangalore has always been a safe place for all its residents. There is simply no need to panic. Please turn deaf to all the unwanted gossip and carry on with your work. Students, especially, should be more cautious because they play a greater role in keeping pace as being young, they tend to be carried away by emotions. It is also easier to mislead or intimidate them.

I would like to re-affirm that people from the North-East were safe and will continue to be safe in Bangalore, a highly cosmopolitan city. We are always with them.

It is my firm opinion and belief that first and foremost we should not have differences among ourselves based on what part of India we are from. After all, we are all Indians and that is our fundamental identity.

Second, the state government should take utmost care and protect the interest of every resident, irrespective of which ever part of the country they are from. No incidents should be allowed to disturb peace. The state government needs to be vigilant.

I also think that at the time of a crisis like this, the government should call residents for all-community meetings in all areas and neighbourhoods of the city.

Last but not the least, it is also the duty of the people of North-East and especially students not to panic and spread rumours. They have to join hands with the locals and put this unwanted situation to rest.


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The author is the secretary of Bangalore North East Residents Welfare Association and is past president of the Rotary Club of Bangalore Central. He is also an India Against Corruption activist.

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