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Raped: Speak up and suffer!

by Pragya Majumder
Thursday , December 20, 2012 at 16 : 27

Yes, that is exactly what my country the so called largest democracy dishes out to its citizens. My friend who was horrifically raped and then pushed out of a car in Kolkata 10 months ago feels just like the same. Neither the justice system nor the society at large has been by her side through her ordeal of horror of the past months. They were all too busy to suggest it was her fault to be at the wrong place - where? a pub at park street; at the wrong time - when? late at night; to be confident no sorry "westernised" - why? 'cause she was enjoying a drink or two..what men can do in this country women definitely have no right to.The reality is in India today my friend is just a statistic...a rape occurs every 40 minutes in this country and that is what she is, a mere victim of numbers every 40 minutes.

My friend has been always the smart one. She was the class monitor, school star athlete, participated in elocution and debating competitions. for many of us she was a role model. She was the one who was good at many things at the same time. She had courage, she could break open a glass sky light and cut her vein but not shed a tear. But what has her country done to her today is what I am ashamed of. She has been stoned and stained over and over again with character assassination as she is a divorcee and mother of two girls! So, why did she want to have a good time? Mothers have no right to feel tired and definitely don't have any right to drink! Why did she want to let her hair down and travel alone at night?

Today she repents to have opened her mouth because little did she know that Constitution of the country was just a book to be read in social studies class and never to be taken seriously. But somewhere she I hope still finds courage to fight for illusive justice so that no other girl child, woman, lady is harmed in this patriarchal society which only metes out lip service in name of justice.

At times her world crumbles but she fights and fights for her children urging herself to live, but the scar that the society has inflicted upon her soul makes me wonder for how long will she be able to fight? Will the daughters become motherless too? I just keep praying for her, keep praying that something in the souls of the stone like parliamentarians will stir and they will take crime so brutal and heinous seriously and act quickly to redeem themselves by putting fast track justice and harsh punishments - no less than life - for such dastardly acts...sadly even yesterday in these cases is too late!


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