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Why India should be more like the IPL

by Karan Thakur
Monday , May 27, 2013 at 12 : 36

The media has got it all wrong. The overwhelming outrage over the IPL fixing-betting saga is all a tragic misunderstanding of facts and the Indian cricket fan and citizen is nothing but a giant ignoramus. The police, media and the fans must actually take a cue from the IPL and the BCCI to draw lessons on how India must become more like the IPL. The sterling examples set forth by this colossal experiment in human and sporting endeavour has not got its due credit. India must learn a thing or two from the IPL.

The IPL and the BCCI has taught us the true essence of peaceful coexistence and social harmony. Diverse people from every corner of the country, with varying political affiliations and social and linguistic backgrounds, come together and work together for the single-minded common goal of self-enrichment. Where in the...Read more...

Damning revelations on the latest scandal on cable TV news, sordid tales of corruption in sports and politics in the newspapers and photos of hooded suspects too ashamed to face the outside world for crimes committed by the insides of a twisted mind. These and a few more images and stories complete the montage of our daily existence and provides fodder for water cooler discussions and mealtime conversations. The 'sensationalisation' phenomenon that has hit the very heart of the social and cultural discourse in the country has led to what can only be called a shock fatigue. Nothing shocks us, disgusts us or reviles us today and for whatever the media spews at us sensational or revelatory - is taken as a part and parcel of what is India today.

This sad and regrettable situation that we find our country in today...Read more...

The euphoria of a victory in state elections in Karnataka proved to be pyrrhic for the Congress Party as the observations by the Supreme Court on the Coal allocation scam left it ducking for cover. The Coalgate saga has now dragged the Prime Minister's office and made the highest political authority seeming culpable on two counts. That a lack of oversight led to omission and commission in Coal block allocation from 2006-2009, when the Ministry of Coal was directly being run by the Prime Minister, has severely indicted the Prime Minister's judgment much like the observations in the 2G allocation scam. More damagingly, and reminiscent of the infamous Watergate scandal of the US, there is strong suspicion that there was an elaborate cover up that was executed by the Prime Minister's Office and by his erstwhile Law Minister to ensure that the stain doesn't blacken the starched white...Read more...

Why Thatcherism survives

by Karan Thakur
Thursday , April 18, 2013 at 12 : 11

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was laid to rest in a ceremonial funeral in London yesterday. Arguably Britain's greatest post-war Prime Minister, Thatcher was an ideologue who was revered and hated with equivalent vigour. To the world she gave Thatcherism - a liberal, fiscally conservative, Centre-Right ideology that defined the times and something that lives on till today. In the right wing press, the hagiography reads of a person who is both mythological and ideological. The left-leaning media houses vilified her for all that ails our society today. And one thinks Thatcher would have not wanted it any other way. From her famous quips to donning the mantle of the Iron Lady, a moniker given ironically by the Russians as a slight, Thatcher was made for the electronic media age. She, along with then US President, Ronald Reagan, came to define the politics of the 80s and...Read more...

Modi a hit in Delhi?

by Karan Thakur
Thursday , February 07, 2013 at 17 : 09

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi marked his presence on the national political stage with a coming out speech of sorts at the Sri Ram College of Commerce in New Delhi. The speech which was an elucidation of his outlook on governance, inclusive growth, development and India's place in the new global order was apt for the setting with an audience receptive to his clarion call. That Modi has been the poster boy for development and for the Centre-Right and Right is not disputable, but what stood out was the charisma and the connect that he managed to achieve in this latest outing.

Modi has been a curious political entity since his coming to power over a decade ago. A lifetime party worker for the BJP, he moved up the ranks and today stands head and shoulders above his colleagues in the informal...Read more...

Kamal Haasan's new movie 'Vishwaroopam', has run into rough weather in what is becoming a worrying and tragic trend for any movie that speaks on current realities or has religio-mythological leanings. Two censor boards today govern the Indian movie industry it seems one the more mundane cinematographic version and the other a self-appointed all-encompassing moralistic version that is by some people, of some people but meant for all the people. This trend of banning movies or the use of violent means to stop their broadcast and screening is in no way limited to only motion pictures. Works of history and literature, fiction and creative writing, visual arts etc. have all come under the spectre of the ban which must be whole-heartedly condemned. Perennially controversial writer Salman Rushdie has gone to the extent of saying that a cultural emergency exists in India today, which, whatever way one may look...Read more...

Rahul Gandhi and the politics of the dispossessed

by Karan Thakur
Tuesday , January 22, 2013 at 12 : 09

The Chintan Shivir or brainstorming session of the Congress Party in Jaipur ended on a high for the party with the elevation of the heir and scion of the Gandhi family as the vice president of the party. Rahul Gandhi's coronation was unanimously endorsed and welcomed with unabashed frenzy from party cadres and the old guard alike. Rahul made an emotional and eloquent speech, arguably the best of his eight-year old political career, touching upon politics, his family and his vision for the future. He reiterated his love for his party and country while highlighting the role of his family in the political history of independent India.

While much of the forty-minute speech touched upon a wide array of subjects, what stood out most was his focus on how many Indians feel neglected and shunned from the larger political mainstream. Gandhi spoke about...Read more...

Addressing suppressed sexuality

by Karan Thakur
Tuesday , January 08, 2013 at 12 : 06

The ghastly and brutal gang-rape and murderous assault on a 23 year old by six men in New Delhi last month has shaken the national consciousness and hit our sensibilities as a society like no case before. The crime, like many before it, has only highlighted the brutal and life-altering nature that sexual violence has on the victim, but more than that, this case in particular, has highlighted a certain broken society that we live in today. India has been hailed as a success story the world over given our economic prowess and rising international stature. Pitted against the rosy news is the oft-reported but quickly forgotten issue of gender discrimination and sexual violence that exists in the country today. A lot of the sexual crimes committed against the victim are nothing more than criminal acts of a deviant mind hell bent on "proving" the superiority of one's...Read more...

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Dr Karan Thakur is a dentist by training and a healthcare manager by profession. Other than healthcare and health policy, his interests include politics and current affairs, non-fiction reading, art, Western Classical Music and squash. A budding writer, Karan hopes to publish a book of non-fiction someday.

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