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Memories of a friend and his fondness for Sachin

by N C Satpathy
Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 14 : 56

October 30, 2013

Everyone is glued to the Sachin Tendulkar show in sleepy Haryana town Lahli where the master just guided Mumbai to victory, playing his last domestic match. Never before a Ranji match has evoked such an interest. I'm sure Siddhartha Mishra, the sports editor, would have been in Lahli for the masters domestic swan song. He would have driven down to Delhi soon after the match and we would have met up either at his hotel or at my place this evening and would have drank late into the night.

October 30, 2012

Around 9 am, while glancing through newspapers, I got a one-line text message from our common friend Sandipan Sharma. Felt the ground shaking under my feet, dropped the paper and cried like a kid after a long time. Siddhartha had lost his...Read more...

He was different. Siddhartha Mishra was not the boy next-door, yet so much like one of us. He was an introvert to the outside world, difficult to even strike up a conversation with. But in his select circle of friends he was an extrovert who brimmed with life. He was difficult to keep pace with, thanks to his child-like enthusiasm.

He was like that only. I first met him in 1996 autumn in old Delhi's Daryaganj in the classroom of Times School of Journalism (TSJ). I was brash, unpolished. He was supremely calm, composed and mature. There was nothing in common between us. Absolutely nothing.

Still we became friends in no time, cannot recall how. We came home after our course ended in 1997 summer. We took the same train, Utkal Express,...Read more...

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N C Satpathy is senior editor at CNN-IBN. He started his career in journalism with Times of India in 1997 and switched to television in 2003.

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