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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What devices can I use the IBNLive app on?
A: You can use it on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Q: Where can I download the IBNLive app from?
A: You can download the app here, from Apple's iTunes App Store. The app cannot be downloaded from anywhere else.

Q: How do I download the app?
A: You can download the app in one of two ways.
1. Start iTunes on your computer, go to the App Store, and search for IBNLive. Download the app to your computer. Then, sync your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (yes, it will also work on your iPad). The app will be installed on your device.

2. Or, open the iTunes app directly on your device, and search for IBNLive. Download the app directly to your device. In both cases, you will need an Apple username and password to log in.

Q: Do I have to pay anything for the IBNLive app?
A: No, it is completely free. You will, however, be billed by your service-provider - mobile or broadband - for data charges when you use the app.

Q: What kind of data connection do I need?
A: The faster your connection, the better will be the performance, especially for videos and live TV. You can use the app on your wireless broadband connection, on GPRS/EDGE and 3G from your mobile services provider.

Q: Where can I get further help?
A: Please email editor@ibnlive.com with your question and we'll respond.

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