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Jun 27, 2009 at 04:22pm IST

Kids held captive at Chennai hospital freed

Chennai: Ten Guyanese kids who were held captive at a hospital in Chennai for not being able to pay their bills will be released by the hospital on Saturday.

“We have come to an agreement. We will be clearing the bills in the next six months through fund raising activities. The children will be discharged today (Saturday) and we are working with Air India to get a flight to fly out tonight (Saturday night),” says former First Lady of Guyana and coordinator of the NGO Kid’s First, Varshnie Singh.

All the kids were reportedly cardiac patients and were brought to India by a Guyanese NGO.

KIDS OUT OF TROUBLE: The kids were reportedly locked up for being able to pay their bills.

The NGO usually pays part of the hospital bill from public donations but this time the NGO hasn’t paid any money to the hospital.

Police says the NGO pays part of the money after the surgery and the rest later but hospital authorities claim they did not discharge the patients as no payment were made.

“We have treated these children earlier also and last two times we have faced some problem with them regarding payment,” says doctor Soma Guha Chakurta.

“There was a big misunderstanding. May be my absence caused it but our relationship is still intact. What happened was unfortunate,” says Dr KM Cherian expressing disappointment over what happened at the hospital.

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