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10 most popular quotes from 'Breaking Bad' that you can't miss

Aug 26, 2014 at 08:26pm IST

'Breaking Bad' won the coveted Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. Being one of the highest rated programmes on A&E, this is the second time that the show has won an Emmy in the drama series. We have picked the 10 best quotes from the series that are a hit among fans.

1.Walter White (Bryan Cranston) : "We tried to poison you. We tried to poison you because you're an insane, degenerate piece of filth, and you deserve to die."

2. Walter White's wife Anna Gunn (Skyler): 'All I can do is wait . . . for the cancer to come back'

10 most popular quotes from  'Breaking Bad' that you can't miss

A still from 'Breaking Bad'.

3.Mike Ehrmantraut ( Jonathan Banks): 'Just because you shot Jesse James doesn't mean you are Jesse James.'

4.Walter's drug partner Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul): 'Yeah, bitch! Magnets!'

5.Mike Ehrmantraut to Jesse: 'Everyone sounds like Meryl Streep with a gun to their head.'

6.Saul Goodman to Walter: 'You do seem to have a little "shit creek" action going... You know, FYI, you can buy a paddle.'

7.Walter White (Bryan Cranston): "Sitting around, smoking marijuana, eating Cheetos and masturbating do not constitute plans."

8.Saul: Faith and begorrah! A fellow potato eater! My real name's McGill.

9. Walt: 'You know the business, I know chemistry'.

10.Walt: 'I'm not in the meth business. I'm in the empire business.'


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