Apr 25, 2014 at 11:04am IST

10 painfully awkward Bollywood dance moves Gifs guaranteed to ruin your love life forever

Choreography is an essential ingredient of every Bollywood movie. Whether it is a wedding, a random celebration or just trying to convince the heroine, there will be a song and there will be dance with a lot of background dancers. We've all tried to copy the most popular Bollywood dance movies at weddings and parties. But we've also at times wondered why some really awkward moves were really thrown into a dance sequence. You may have laughed your heart out in amusement or cringed your nose at some of these dance steps in the past, and you probably may have tried them too!

Reality dance shows really made this one popular. The more obscure dance moves get, the more we want to follow it!

Oh, the evergreen pelvic thrust. Govinda, Salman, Akshay Kumar, they’ve all made it famous! We don’t know why we love it, but we’d definitely include this one in every Bollywood dance performance.

There’s nothing correct about this. However, back in the days when Judwaa was the most popular movie, it was cool to try steps like this one!

Agreed, Ajay Devgn isn’t the best dancer we know, but that does not justify this disco move! Well, that still qualifies for a dance step for someone born with two left feet!

Throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care and proceed with an over enthusiastic cat walk!

This one only happens at ladies’ sangeet on major functions. No real reason for anyone to try this outside home.

When we’re talking about awkward dance moves, how could we forget all the disastrous dance moves Sunny Deol had to perform.

When there’s no proper reason for you to celebrate, you don’t need proper dance moves either.

That’s Govinda for you. Only he can carry off absurd movements like that one.

Hop, skip, and jump. Perfect move to make people from a dance floor disappear!