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May 17, 2013 at 04:44pm IST

10 towel sequences that fixed matches in Bollywood

New Delhi: The ghost of match fixing has returned to cricket and this time it is more nuanced. Apparently, the players have used things like shirts and towels to give indication to the bookies about the fixings.

Sreesanth has reportedly used a towel to send signal to a bookie, however Bollywood has used towels for completely different reasons.

Most of the times, towels have been used by the directors to spark a conversation between the lead actors.

10 towel sequences that fixed matches in Bollywood

Unlike spot fixing, towels are used in a completely different manner in Bollywood.

The audience got ready for a steamy song whenever a towel slipped. Lately, heroes have also started to use towels as a though provoking prop.

We have compiled a list of five such scenes where towels became the key reason of match making.

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