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Aug 28, 2012 at 09:14am IST

100-year-old former Mr Universe Manohar Aich still strong, young

Kolkata: Iron man Manohar Aich, who turned 100, says a little discipline in life and treading the path of honesty will help one live long. The 1952 Mr Universe, who is 4 feet 10 inches tall, has followers who're as young as 65 years.

Manohar Aich turned 100 this summer. But the way he flexes his muscles is a style statement by itself. All of 4 feet 10 inches, Aich won the Mr Universe title in 1952. And this pocket Hercules still feels young at heart.

"No, I never feel anything, I have never felt anything. Yes I feel young at heart," Aich says.

Born in a poor family in modern-day Bangladesh, Aich braved monetary odds to pursue his passion. Aich joined the Royal Air Force in the British-ruled India in 1942. He was also imprisoned for slapping a British officer who had passed oppressive remarks against Indians. His children today emulate his physical strength and strong values.

His daughter Bani Banerjee says, "Tread the path of honesty and always speak the truth. That's what my father used to tell us. He said that we must repeat that mantra when we wake up every morning."

In this age of glitzy gymnasiums and health spas, Aich gets his hands dirty with his students in a traditional akhara. Some of his followers are as young as 65 years old.

This 100-year young sports icon is yet to receive any recognition from either the state or the central government. But that hardly bothers Mr Universe who is now looking forward to leading many more years of healthy life.

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