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Dec 12, 2012 at 08:21am IST

12.12.12: Would-be mothers chase the date to deliver 'lucky' babies

New Delhi: It is 12 December 2012 - and the unique date of 12.12.12 is being chased by, believe it or not, would-be mothers across cities in India. Numerologists say babies born on this date will be 'lucky'. No wonder then, there are many C-Section deliveries lined up for the day.

It's a countdown to a date that comes once in a thousand years - 12.12.12, and would-be-mothers are planning to make the most of it, like Divyani Kohli. "We are very excited, we got married on 11.11.11 and we will have the baby on 12.12.12," Divyani says. Her husband Virat Kohli says, "I have read in newspapers and magazines. They say the 12.12.12 baby will be an all-rounder."

Just like Divyani, there are several C-Section deliveries lined up for the D-Day, on a 'special request', say doctors in Delhi and Bangalore. Even pilgrimage centres like Varanasi have been gripped by the 12.12.12 fever.

Numerologist Pandit Vimal Jain says, "This would be the most auspicious day. It would be very special and lucky for all, children who will take birth on that date would be all-rounders."

While having a baby born on a unique date is exciting, remember it is the baby's health that is the most important.

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