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Nov 18, 2011 at 01:02pm IST

23-year-old Kolkata girl wins Cambridge honours

Kolkata: Amartya Sen and Partha Dasgupta received it and now Mahima Khanna is basking in its glory. The 23-year-old Kolkata girl is the third Indian recipient of the prestigious Stevenson prize for economics from Cambridge university.

Mahima said, "It's an astounding feeling to have achieved one of the milestones that these people have achieved."

But it wasn't an easy life for Mahima. She is a single parent child it was her mother's care and her grandfather's guidance that helped Mahima realise her true potential.

Mahima graduated from St Xavier's in Kolkata before completing her MPhil from Cambridge. Unlike others her age, Mahima decided to come back to India and work as a trade analyst.

"We have done a lot of outsourcing, now is the time for in-sourcing, so I think the youth should stay in and contribute to the country, " said Mahima.

Mahima will attend her convocation ceremony in January next year to receive her degree as well as the prize.

Standing tall alongside thinkers like Amarttya Sen and Partha Dasgupta, she surely will be an inspiration for young India.