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Feb 13, 2013 at 02:16pm IST

2G: CBI chief quizzed by PAC over collusion, asked to return with more details

New Delhi: Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Director Ranjit Singh appeared before the Parliament Accounts Committee on Wednesday and was questioned about the CNN-IBN story on alleged collusion between the agency's former prosecutor and a key accused in the 2G spectrum scam case.

Even though the CBI has removed its prosecutor AK Singh after he was allegedly heard speaking to Unitech MD Sanjay Chandra, one of the accused in the 2G case, the PAC members questioned the credibility of its public prosecutor, sources said.

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The CBI chief was reportedly asked to come back to the PAC with details of the case. Sources said that the details that PAC has asked for include where the tape came from, what was role of AK Singh and what action has been taken so far. Some PAC members suggested the independence of CBI was the only answer to deal with such malaise, sources said.

2G: CBI chief quizzed by PAC over prosecutor-accused collusion

Sources say the details that PAC asked for include where the tape came from, what was AK Singh's role and what action has been taken.

The CBI director appeared before the JPC on Tuesday and admitted to a collusion between its prosecutor AK Singh and Unitech MD Sanjay Chandra. JPC chief PC Chacko on Tuesday said that according to the CBI chief, the reports regarding allegations of collusion between its former prosecutor AK Singh and United MD Sanjay Chandra were correct, and the recording has been sent for forensic examination.

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According to sources, the probe may widen to focus on other accused as well. While the preliminary inquiry progresses, the CBI is also zeroing in on other 2G accused, one of whom is Shahid Balwa, who sources say may very well be called in for questioning along with AK Singh and Sanjay Chandra. The CBI fears the conversation may not have been limited to just these two individuals and thus the need to widen its investigation.