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Jun 16, 2007 at 11:33am IST

30 Minutes: All about Indian gigolo

New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore: The Indian gigolo has come out of the closet and is now boldly searching for fun. You will find him at multiplexes, swanky restaurants and coffee bars or meet him on the Internet. A CNN-IBN special investigation went on the gigolo trail, Delhi-Ahmedabad-Bangalore, and found that men were wired and willing.

Rishi looks like the boy next door and the CNN-IBN team met him at an Internet community group. At a popular coffee bar in Delhi, he tells us about his work. “Ek image bana hua hai aadmi ke dimaag mein ke jo gigolos hotein hain voh ek dum hi alag kisam ke hotein hain…professional jaise John Abraham type ke…chup chup ke rehtein hain. Aaisa nahi hota,” he said. (People have misconceptions about gigolos. They think gigolos look like John Abraham and don’t want to be noticed. This is not true.)

Jo old women hotein hain na matured hotein hain na voh young type ka ladka pasand karteein hain, he says. (Elderly women prefer young men).

Rishi’s price for a one-night stand is Rs 1,300.

The team's next stop is Delhi’s famous Priya Cinema Complex. Here the team met with Guru, Sid and Sachin, who look like just another set of young men but they are veteran gigolos and they are at work.

“We have been doing this for six-eight months. It is not like we are professionally into this. It is till we find a job; this is a part-time job,” says Sid.

What does it mean to be a gigolo? “Just fun loving people who want to enjoy their life can do anything until and unless it doesn't harm anyone! We want to enjoy we want others to enjoy this,” says Sid. The price for a night out with the three men: Rs 4,000.



CNN IBN Special Investigation travels to Ahmedabad to see how middle class Indian men find an alternative career. Being a gigolo is good money, sex or both.

“I am a beginner or a fresher. I need to create that base first of all so anywhere between 4-5 per meeting. Supposed two clients in a week that comes to eight clients in a month,” Prasoon a marketing professional, who wants to be a gigolo, says.

Rs 40,000 over his regular salary the math is in place for Prasoon.

CNN IBN's Special Investigation placed an ad in a leading Ahmedabad daily offering work to male escorts. Mails and SMSs came pouring back and soon the team actually interviewed prospective gigolos.

Q: Aapko pata hai gigolo ka kya matlab hota hai.(Do you know what is gigolo all about?)

A: Male prostitute as per my knowledge. I don't have that fairy tale thing in me also have an idea that only above 45 or 50 people call us. I don't have any wild imagination that 18 plus or 16 plus girls will be there.

And what would he do with the money?

A: House, car, a good life style, LCD TV and an in-built bar in my residence.

Next, a surprise a balding gigolo and his pimp.

Pimp: Is ladke ko set karne ka hai is kaam mein. Aur apko jo bhi service chahiyean aur jo bhi outdoor indoor, under Gujarat bhejna ho. (My job is set to this boy. Whatever service you want we will provide.)

The pimp got to the basics right away.

Pimp: Size bata de kitna hai.size. (Tell the size.)

Red boy: Size ka number nahi pata. (I don’t know about the size.)

CNN-IBN investigation team asked the boy why he wanted to be a prostitute.


Red boy: Aisa hain jee 6-7000 ki salary mein chalta nahin hain mera. ? Isliye is line mein ghus raha hoon. (Its like that within the salary of Rs 6000-7000 nothing can be done that’s why I have chose this line.)

Desire is all pervasive men from both sides of the divide the old city and the new city wanted to work as gigolos.

Shailesh: 24 ghante internet pe rehna hai voh bhi meri kamzori ban gayi hai. uske liye neend chod sakta hon lekin voh chat nahin chod sakta. (Working on net for 24 hours has became my weakness. I can leave everything but not the online chat).

Next CNN-IBN investigation team met Piyush, a father of two an Internet addict, obsessed with sex. Piyush says he just has to be a gigolo.

Q: You are willing to be one of the gigolo.

A: Like some male prostitutes gigolo means like some male sex workers.

So, where does that leave his wife?

A: Actually she can't satisfy me. I want at least 3 or 4 hours minimum. She can't give me the pleasure.

A marketing manager, a shopkeeper and a scrap metal dealer all ready to be gigolos. Clearly, something has changed in middle-class Ahmedabad.

Bangalore stop

The Wi-Fi city, zipping on the information highway has its own share of service providers. Meet the IT male servers in Bangalore.

In India's IT city anybody could be a Gigolo the boy next door, your colleague in office or as CNN-IBN investigation team found a middle class boy working it a well-known IT firm.

The investigation team met Ritesh on the Internet and after exchanging a couple of mails; the team decided to meet the 24 year old.

Venkat, 24, is a software professional in Bangalore and he moonlights as a gigolo. But there is a difference: Venkat is a gigolo who seeks companionship.

“That day no one was in office and I was feeling lonely, so I thought I'll put an ad. It's about bringing unknown people closer,” he says.


“I think this thing is more widespread in India. It is widespread in Bangalore because of the IT culture and also because a lot of foreigners also come here,” he says.

Aadmi baithe baithe pak jaata hai, kai logon ke baal jhar gaye matlab computer ke saamne baithe baithe work boredom rehta hai khaaskar programming mein. (You really get bored after sitting in front of the computer for long hours. There is really boredom specially in the programming),” says Ritesh.

Venkat, 28 year old, an M-Tech from BITS Pilani echoes Ritesh's sentiment. He says he became a gigolo because of loneliness.

“That day no one was in office and I was feeling lonely so I thought I'll put an ad I was just going through it It's bringing unknown people closer,” Venkat says.

Because of the IT culture lot of foreigners also come here.

Big city blues are altering Indian male sexuality. Single and lonely, afraid of commitments, the young urban Indian Male has found the easiest way to no-strings-attached sex. And the anonymity of living in a big city, also helps.

In Bangalore's watering holes where spirits and bodies meet weekends are a goodtime to find clients who need servicing.

“Usually I have plans for Saturday, Sunday or in pub or disco. If I get somebody there then it’s my luck,” says Ritesh.

And the attitude is business-like; there is just no place for sentiments.

So who is the Indian Gigolo? The men we met say male prostitute. But for all the regular looking guys with regular jobs that CNN-IBN team met being a gigolo is just going that extra mile to get money, sex or both.

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