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Sep 08, 2010 at 09:01pm IST

Now Army to clean up CWG's dengue mess

New Delhi: Delhi's dengue outbreak is expected to peak right around the Commonwealth Games. Three hundred cases have been recorded official in the last four days alone.

Now the Army is going to be called in to help tackle mosquito breeding at Commonwealth Games sites. The official number of cases has now crossed 1500 though the numbers are said to be much higher. The MCD has intensified its mosquito control programmes taking the support of military experts and doctors from the National Institute of Malaria Research.

What is worse, half of the MCD staff in charge of tackling mosquito breeding are on strike, demanding their jobs be regularised.

Moreover, it is not just dengue but even swine flu has made a comeback and 570 cases have been reported in the past fortnight apart from 10 deaths.

The Health Ministry has proposed to make vaccination compulsory if need be.

Twenty-four countries participating in the Commonwealth Games have already issued travel advisories to their athletes and citizens.