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Feb 18, 2009 at 06:17pm IST

Fire in Gir wildlife sanctuary

Amreli: In one of the worst ever forest fire, around 400 hectares of land was affected in Mityana, a part of the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. However, forest department (FD) officials claimed that no animals casualties were


"Around 400 hectares of hilly forest land, covered with grasses five to six feet tall was affected in the forest fire that broke out yesterday," forest department officials said.

FOREST FIRE: 400 hectares of land was affected in Mityana, part of Gir Wildlife Sanctuary.

"It was a tough task to control the fire as the Mityana is a hilly terrain. Around 500 people, including the forest staff, did an all out effort to control the fire by 0300 hours this morning," they said.

"Animals like lions do not live on hilly terrain, so there was no threat to their lives. We have also not found bodies of any small animals from the affected area so far," officials said adding the reason of fire was yet to be


The forest area houses deers, leopards and lions.