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Jan 13, 2009 at 04:50pm IST

70-year-old clinically revived after surgery

Mumbai: Doctors in a Mumbai hospital have pulled off a medical miracle that saved the life of a septuagenarian man.

They performed a procedure that involved sucking out all the blood from his body and yet keeping him alive to tell the tale!

Well, that's what happened to 77-year-old Antonio Orlando Soares.

Soares and wife Carolina now count their blessings while two weeks ago they were nervous about whether Soares would get a chance at life at all.

Carolina Soares said, "Doctor said there was a 50-50 chance, but we took the risk."

It all began when Antonio a retired Portuguese judge was holidaying in Goa with his wife some weeks ago.His wife recounts how one day he noticed suddenly that he couldn't walk and that his leg hurt like hell.

Investigations revealed a cancerous kidney with the tumor extending through the main vein which carries blood from the lower half of the body to the right side of the heart.

Though the kidney was surgically removed, the tumor still posed a fatal risk.

Dr Anand Somaiya, Cardio thoracic & vascular surgeon, Bombay Hospital said, "We told the family that without surgery he'd have just one month to live."

With the family's consent Antonio was hooked onto a heart-lung machine and his blood was then cooled to 17 degrees Celsius before being drained out of his body into the machine.

It was only after this that the doctors could venture on to remove the tumor.

It's critical in such cases that the patient be brought back from this state of clinical death within 45 minutes. Within half an hour, warm blood was introduced into Antonio's body. The procedure took well over eight hours.

While doctors have carried out this procedure before, what makes Antonio's case rare is that tumor went right upto his heart and there were other complications including a diabetic condition.

The Soares family estimates the overall cost of treatment to touch some 13 lakh rupees, which they say is a small price for a life saving surgery and care of this magnitude.