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Jul 23, 2010 at 09:33pm IST

9,000 malaria cases reported in Mumbai

Mumbai: Malaria is becoming a serious problem for Mumbai as more and more cases are reported in July alone. A total of 9,000 infections from malaria and eleven deaths have been reported this season itself.

However, what's worrying is that a mutated strain of malaria doing the rounds is turning deadly. Doctors say this normally mild strain is now giving patients malaria fever with a persistent cold and cough.

Mumbai has also recorded 338 cases of swine flu with dengue fever, gastroenteritis and Leptospirosis this monsoon season.

"Generally Vivax malaria is the milder form of malaria, in this we would give medicines and sent people home, but now that too has turned virulent. It is causing low platelet count, internal bleeding and multi-organ failure. These days' symptoms are varied, in some cases only sore throat, back pain was reported. We even tested them positive for malaria, "said chest physician of lilavati hospital Dr Prabhudesai.

Moreover, Mumbai has recorded a 22 per cent spike in malaria infections from last season. Whereas the BMC has pushed the blame on construction work for the outbreak.

"Its definitely alarming for us. But this is the time for mosquito breeding, construction sites all over Mumbai make it worse, and the weather conditions in Monsoons are optimum for mosquito breeding. The BMC is going door-to-door in slums these days and collecting over 3000 slides for testing and then we give malaria medication, " said BMC Assistant Health Officer, Dr Daksha Shah

Meanwhile, its raining diseases in Chennai too - the southern capital has seen a spurt around 1100 Malaria infections over the past two months. But the Chennai Municipal Corporation is taking necessary precautions.

However, medical experts fear the surge in the number of malaria cases could be hitting a new record.

So the bottomline, even in case of mild fever, consult your doctor immediately.