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Oct 11, 2010 at 08:38pm IST

A day of high drama at the Karnataka Assembly

Bangalore: It was a day of tension ever since the BJP government won the trust vote in the Karnataka Assembly. With some calling the disqualification of the rebel MLAs by Speaker K.G. Bopaiah unconstitutional, followed by the Governor’s recommendation of President's rule in the state, the focus has now shifted to what the Centre will do now.

It was democracy at work - Karnataka style. There was boxing and chair throwing – no stone was left unturned to grab the seat of power. In the battle between B.S. Yedyurrapa government VS the Governor, between Gowdas and Reddy brothers, finally democracy comes across as the loser.

Monday's drama unfolded with the arrival of the BJP and the Opposition MLAs at 9 in the morning. These legislators were moved from resort to resort in the last five days to keep the horse traders at bay.

At 10 O'clock, the rebel MLAs came to the Assembly and tried to enter the hall. The Assembly hall, which was locked from inside ahead of the trust vote was broken down by the MLAs to enter. they forced their way by breaking open the door.

Inside the assembly the drama got even more intense and ugly. Some slammed the table, some threw chairs, a few others tore off shirts and hit marshals. In a serious breach of protocol, Bangalore Commissioner of Police Shankar Bidari entered the hall with a posse of policemen in uniform.

At 10:30 AM the Speaker took a voice vote and declared that the government has survived the trust vote.

Following the Speaker’s declaration, the furious Opposition and rebel MLAs stormed out of the Assembly and rushed to Raj Bhawan. H.D. Kumaraswamy, the man who stuck his neck out in this gamble for power all along and the main Opposition congress party cried foul. Kumaraswamy also declared it to be “illegal”.

The cautious BJP dispatched its MLAs back to resorts and the visibly shaken chief minister, who is facing an uncertain future, demanded the Governor's removal.

The most shameful incidents which have taken place in Karnataka in the last one week have brought disgrace to the reputation of the state. Is it the end of BJP's strife or is it just the beginning?