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Jan 27, 2012 at 09:06am IST

A device that helps visually impaired walk freely

New Delhi: Finally, there is a device that will allow the visually impaired to walk without sticks. Three Indians in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania have developed a belt that senses obstructions and helps the visually impaired walk freely.

Visually impaired Wasim can walk without a stick to guide him. The hepatic belt that he is wearing vibrates on sensing human obstruction and prevents him from colliding into anyone.

Tushar Chugh, Jatin Sharma and Rolly Seth - a team of three Young India Fellows developed this low-cost distance censor in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania. It took them 90 days to come up with the device that allows a visually impaired person to obtain information on obstacles in a range of 6-10 feet.

Tushar says, "We are 6 months away from completion. It's a belt that lets you know if there is a hurdle in front of the person.

The success of the pre-beta version has raised the bar and the team now plans to go commercial. "we are looking for a tie-up with companies like Microsoft," the team says.

The dean of the University of Pennsylvania is impressed by the project and the scale of innovation.

This year Forbes's list of under-30 innovators to watch out for had 11 Indians in the list of 30 individuals, indicating the probable rise of an Indian decade. And with such projects, these young engineers are reassuring that the supply line is only getting stronger.