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May 18, 2009 at 08:01pm IST

Aamir Khan's film Raakh to re-release

Most people remember Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak as Aamir Khan's first big break. The film made him into an overnight star and Aamir was the nation's newest chocolate boy. Aamir however followed it up an extremely dark and disturbing film called Raakh. Released way back in 1989, Raakh unfortunately went unnoticed.

Now, 20 years later when Aamir is arguably one of Indian's biggest superstars, Raakh is being re-released. The film is being released as a part of a joint venture between two production houses - Audacity International and Storm Enterprises. Raakh director Aditya Bhatacharya and the movie's original producer Asif Noor also have a stake in the deal.

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When contacted, a spokesperson from the production house said, "Back then Raakh got a six-print release in three cities. Not many people were aware of the film then - but over the years it has become a cult among film buffs."

AAMIR AGAIN: Raakh is being released as a part of a joint venture between two production houses.

Raakh will be released across India on June 12, 2009 with digitally re-mastered prints. The producers want to market the film in a way an Aamir Khan film should be. Following its theatrical run, the film will have a DVD release in mid-August, which would be followed by a satellite premiere.

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According to the makers, it's an attempt to give Raakh the visibility it deserved 20 years back. Interestingly, Raakh picked up two National Film Awards in 1989.

The film also stars today's ace-cameraman Sanotsh Sivan along with actors Pankaj Kapoor and Supriya Pathak. The action flick is a about a young man who takes on the system after the brutal rape of his girlfriend. So, all Aamir fans who can't wait till 3 Idiots opens can revisit his attempt at doing action two decades before Ghajini happened.

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