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Jun 03, 2009 at 08:58am IST

Neha reveals her most daring stunt

Mumbai: AXN action awards are back to celebrate the excellence of action in Indian films, recognising those performances that created some unforgettable pulse racing moments in the action genre.

And hosting the show this year is Neha Dhupia who herself has flexed her muscles for the big screen.

Neha even revealed the most daring stunt she has ever performed.

"Bungee jumping for sure and even something as small as hot air balloon. Once you are in a hot air balloon, up there, you are out of control. But bungee jumping was sure one of them. Surfing is very hard when you are in water, you have to be very strong and u should know when to start surfing, I am not good at it," revealed Neha.

Neha promised that there is plenty of action happening as far as her career is concerned as well.

"Soon after this strike gets over I have films like Paying Guest which is a comedy. I have a film like Pappu Can't Dance Saala even had another film like Raat Gayi Baat Gayi, De Dana Dan and Action Replay which are all set for release.

And with the monsoon just around the corner, the glam girl also had a few fashion tips for the rainy season.

"Just make sure that everything is knee length and above, wear rubber slippers. Do not wear white clothes because they have a tendency of getting wet and then they get transparent and most important to carry a change of cloths in you are car. Don't bother wearing sun glasses because you will end up looking really silly on a cloudy day," she said.