Mar 08, 2013 at 05:13pm IST

Actor Jayaprakash enjoyed doing the Gangnam moves for his next

Chennai: Telugu actor-comedian Jayaprakash Reddy thoroughly enjoyed grooving in Gangnam style in upcoming Telugu comedy-drama 'Noothi Lo Kappalu'. He says it will definitely be one of the highlights of the film.

"We have done a few minutes' dance sequence in Gangnam style. I enjoyed doing it and I'm sure it will be one of the highlights of the film. Audiences always look forward to something different and I'm sure they will enjoy it too", Jayaprakash told IANS.

Did you practice the Gangnam steps, popularised by Korean singer Psy?

Jayaprakash enjoyed the Gangnam moves for his next

The actor has signed up for teh Telugu comedy drama 'Noothi Lo Kappalu'.

"We watched the video (of song 'Gangnam Style') few times and improvised on our own while doing it. We didn't want to imitate because then instead of funny it will be artificial," he said.

Jayaprakash plays a police officer in the film, which is based on the simple premise that human beings are like toads in a well. They will neither go up, nor allow others to rise.

Veteran actor Rajendra Prasad plays a prominent role in 'Noothi Lo Kappalu', which also features Manoj Nandham, 'Thagubothu' Ramesh, 'Allari Subhashini' and Bharath.

Chanti Gnanamani has directed the film, which is produced by Vinay and Poonati Sreenu.