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Jun 21, 2007 at 05:39am IST

Soniya, car wow all in Victoria 203

Mumbai: On a muggy Mumbai night, the crew of the new Victoria 203 races against the high-tide to shoot a song, but that still doesn't stop them from being impressed with new kid on the block, Soniya Mehra's acting skills.

Actor Jimmy Shergill, who plays a small time crook, is quite impressed with Soniya, the daughter of late actor Vinod Mehra.

But it's not just Soniya's acting skills that have impressed Jimmy and the rest of the crew. Her driving skills have also made quite an impression.

For Soniya, riding a Victoria in her debut film itself makes it all the more special.

"She rode the Victoria and was able to give great expressions at the same time. It isn't easy with so many cars passing by," says Jimmy Shergill.

"I didn't have much trouble while rehearsing, but the real thing is different from rehearsals," says Soniya.

While the film is set in contemporary Mumbai, the Victoria still plays a crucial part and finding the real vehicle for shooting wasn't an easy task.

The Victoria was finally custom made after producer Kamal Sadanah looked for it for six months all over the country and the lamps of the car are antiques.

While the cast will infuse freshness in the golden roles from the original film, the biggest draw will still remain the old but beautiful Victoria, which retains all its characters.