Mar 05, 2012 at 12:24pm IST

T'puram: Acute water shortage at Technopark

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM:  The water tank standing tall at Technopark is an iconic structure, but it has something more to say. The techies here have been facing acute water shortage for the past three days. Summer has become a tough time for techies as there is not enough drinking water in the offices. Technopark authorities have sent a mail to all employees regarding the issue. It urges limiting the use of water. When contacted, M Vasudevan, senior manager business development, Technopark, confirmed that Technopark was facing drinking water shortage. “The water available from Kerala Water Authority is inadequate to meet the needs of the entire companies in Technopark. The number of companies in Technopark is rising and the supply of water is becoming insufficient. Now, companies are buying water for their use,” he said.
  K V Rajendran, general manager, technical division, Technopark, said the storage capacity of Technopark was sufficient, but the current situation arose due to KWA water shortage during summer.
  V Chandran, executive engineer of KWA, said that most of the areas face water shortage during summer season. “So far, we have not received any complaint from Technopark,” he said.
  Every summer, when there is shortage of water, Technopark authorities manage with water from KWA tankers. However, the situation is graver this time. The total water requirement of Technopark is met by water supplied from Kerala Water Authority and from the wells inside the campus.
  Now, there are two KWA lines of 160 mm pipe with 1 MLD connection. There are two main receiving tanks at the pump house with a total capacity of 25 lakh litres and also there are water tanks in each building with sufficient storage capacity.