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Aug 01, 2012 at 09:55am IST

Adarsh scam: BJP Rajya Sabha MP Ajay Sancheti under the scanner

Mumbai: Adarsh Housing Society - Mumbai's tower of deceit that claimed one Congress Chief Minister's chair and brought two former CMs under the scanner now threatens to entangle the BJP.

In an embarrassment to BJP President Nitin Gadkari, his close aide and Rajya Sabha MP Ajay Sancheti, it now appears, could be a common link to 10 benami flats in the society.

Documents given as affidavit to the judicial commission probing the Adarsh scam and accessed by CNN-IBN show that the Nagpur-based SAN Finance Corporation, run by the Sanchetis, financed 10 flats in the building.

All ten borrowers are from Nagur and Jharkhand where Sanchetis have business interests.

One of the owners of the flats is in fact Sudhakar Madke, a driver with the Sanchetis who earns a meager annual salary of Rs 36,000.

Madke told the Commission he obtained a loan from his employer, for which no loan deed was executed.

Parmanand Hinduja, former PA to BJP MLA Pappu Kalani, too obtained a loan from the Sanchetis with no loan deed, no mortage or collateral given.

In both cases the money was directly paid by the Sanchetis to Adarsh. In both cases, SAN Finance directed Adarsh that in the event that the borrowers are unable to repay the loan amount, the flats will be transferred to SAN.

While Ajay Sancheti has refused comments, SAN Finance told the commission that it is a partnership firm and not governed by RBI rules or the NBFC Act and hence, no loan deeds or resolutions were legally required while granting a loan.

The CBI has already indicated that its probe is now focused on unravelling the money trail to expose the benami flats in Adarsh. A supplementary chargesheet could be filed as early as November which could pose some uncomfortable questions for the BJP too.