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Dec 14, 2006 at 08:21pm IST

Add colour to life, but with care

New Delhi: From sarees to hair, every second person is going in for a makeover by changing their hair colour and getting your hair colour changed is easy these days.

Go to any salon or lift any product off the shelf of a supermarket - blonde, auburn, burgundy, red - you name the colour and they supply you with it .

But what is hair colour made up of and how safe is it for you?

There are hair dyes and there are hair colours and while dyes have metal components, hair colouring contains combinations of peroxide and ammonia apart from p-Phenylenediamine (PPD).

"The problem is that these metals can get absorbed in the body and can cause toxicity. The black dye normally has lead and heavy doses of lead can lead to hypertension, stomach pain, dry skin and one might not even connect it to the hair colour," says Dermatologist, Dr Shehla Agarwal.

Even though hair is a dead component of our body, one must be careful while applying hair colouring and make sure that the chemicals do not touch the skin or the scalp.

One needs to take greater care and follow hair colouring instructions to the Tee.

"Hair should be taken care of well. Colour equalisers available nowadays - a pre-starting cream - which we put in the colour so that the chemicals don't affect the hair adversely," says Sumit, who works with Geetanjali in Delhi.

There are other precautions that one must take:

  • Do not leaving the color onto the hair for longer than 35 minutes.
  • Wear gloves while applying the dye
  • Never mix products and always do a patch test.
  • Try and stick to henna which has a mix of sage and cloves that can boost its colour.
  • Swtiching between henna and artificial hair colour must be done within a gap of six seeks.

So go ahead and add some colour to your life, but with a few precautions.