Jun 24, 2013 at 05:59pm IST

Advertorial: Xperia Tablet Z - what makes the new Sony tablet tick

The gadget world is buzzing with new launches every week. Amongst the plethora of new gadgets, there are handful of devices which mark above the notch and urge technology lovers to take a note.

One such device is Sony Xperia Tablet Z - recently launched, much hyped and much awaited Tablet from the Japanese electronics major. We do a quick check on the Tablet Z and check how it is placed in terms of specifications, features and most importantly what it has to offer to a consumer.

Any tablet's first noticeable feature is its design & form factor. In case of Tablet Z, Sony has placed its best bets on the design & form factor. Tablet Z looks chick to say the least. It's sleek, touted to be the slimmest tablet measuring at just 6.9 mm and weighing under 500 grams! That makes it one of the lightest tablets available so far. Sony calls this design as 'OmniBalance' design focuses on creating balance and symmetry in all directions. Sony has put Xperia branding on its tablet for the first time, which appears at the back of Tablet Z.

Advertorial: Xperia Tablet Z - what makes the new Sony tablet tick

Taking the form factor bit too seriously, Sony has made the Tablet Z water & dust resistant.

Coming back to form factor, Tablet Z hosts a wide 10.1" Reality Display screen which is powered by Sony's indigenous Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. The company has highlighted this engine as the heart of Tablet Z's vivid, sharp and crisp display.

Taking the form factor bit too seriously, Sony has made the Tablet Z water & dust resistant. This makes the Tablet Z, perhaps the only water resistant tablet in the world so far! From a consumer's point of view, this is not just a feature but a blessing in disguise. All of us have been in situations when water droplets jam up our devices, rendering them water logged and useless later. You can use Tablet Z without getting scared about these nuances. This is one of the important features from a consumer's point of view, answering your common devices handling grouses.

That's for the outside, now let's check what's inside the Tablet Z. Sony's Tablet boasts of the powerful Snapdragon S4 Pro processor that allows powerful computing, without draining the tablet battery. One can even watch 4 videos on one go on the Tablet Z, that's how fast and efficient the processing engine is.

Tablet Z is based on Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system, giving you access to unlimited games, apps, music and videos hosted on the Google platform. In this Tablet Sony also offers some of its in-house apps like Sony Select which shows best apps from Google Play store, Walkman app for discovering & listening to your favourite songs and many more. Further there are India-centric applications like Sony Music & Sony Liv. Sony Music lets you download free songs from Sony Music's stable for 6 months and Sony Liv gives access to life-time free streaming of popular TV programmes hosted at Sony TV network. That's certainly remarkable on Sony's part to develop exclusive content for Indian audience.

The Tablet is now available at all Sony retail stores. It is priced at Rs 46,990. It comes with free premium cover worth Rs 2,990. Consumers also get free 16 GB SD card along with the Tablet Z, to expand the already available 16 GB internal memory space and enjoy a total of 32 GB space. Sony has tied up with mobile service provider Vodafone and launched special internet plans for Tablet Z users for 2 months.

Have you checked this Tablet? How has your experience been? How would you rate it vis-à-vis the other tablets available in market. Share your views with us in the 'comments' section.