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Jul 10, 2006 at 10:08pm IST

Afghans get fashion out of the closet

New Delhi: The Afghan capital, Kabul, held its first fashion show in three decades. The show was complete with the ramp and the catwalk, but there were no models in bikinis or short skirts.

The designers were Afghanis and the clothes modelled reflected the conservative ethos of the country’s burqas but it wasn’t the drab black variety. The designer burqas stole the show.

"It is not only a fashion show, it is really working with the women and doing together something out of the beautiful handicraft you have in Afghanistan. I think it is time that the world knows there are lots of beautiful things in Afghanistan," designer, Gabriella Ghidoni said.

Though all the designs were displayed by foreign models, people hope that next time there could even be Afghan models doing the catwalk on the ramp.

"The models should have been Afghan but many families still don't allow their daughters to do things like this. I hope one day we'll have Afghan models," one of the audience, Nooria Farhad said.

Designers are hopeful that the show could be the first step towards reviving the market for fashion in Kabul.

(With Inputs from Samkhya Edamaruku).