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Oct 16, 2009 at 04:15pm IST

After swine flu, dengue on rise in Capital

New Delhi: A growing concern for the Capital after swine flu is now the dengue fever. There have been two deaths and 80 cases of dengue reported in the past two weeks.

Doctors are worried because cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever, marked by excessive bleeding, and dengue shock syndrome - in which patients report low blood pressure and high pulse rate -- are on the rise.

"In dengue fever conditions are also compromised, your LFT and KFT are affected, its hemorrhagic dengue which can be fatal," said Dr Mukesh Mehra.

Dengue is caused by the aedes aegypti mosquito and has spread so far mainly in North and Central Delhi. Municipal Corporation of Delhi health officials say that they are seeing cases of all four types of dengue.

The best precautionary measures one can take involve curbing mosquito breeding. Also, Make sure one has no standing water in and around your house, if water logging is unavoidable then you may need to have kerosene, diesel or black oil sprayed in it. The aedes mosquito usually attacks during the day, so wear full sleeves clothes, apply mosquito repellent cream on all exposed areas and use mosquito repellents.

Dengue is a potentially fatal disease, so do watch out for these symptoms.

"High temperature that starts abruptly along with severe headache, pain behind the eyes is a very peculiar symptom," said professor at AIIMS, Dr Bir Singh.

If any of these symptoms show up, go see your doctor for treatment immediately.