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Dec 07, 2011 at 09:45am IST

Ahmedabad: BRTS makes lives easier for public

Ahmedabad: Lesser costs, smoother drives and almost no traffic jams – these are some features of Ahmedabad's Bus Rapid Transit System or BRT, considered by many as the best rapid transport system.

And it's no surprise then that many Ahmedabadis have traded their private transport for a hassle free BRTS drive.

It has changed Ahmedabad's public transport so drastically that lakhs of people now prefer traveling by the city's Bus Rapid Transit System than in their private two or four wheelers.

BRTS might have been a controversial subject in Delhi, but the story is not the same in Ahmedabad.

"It is more regular, more comfortable and takes lesser time," said Ishwar Dayal Singh, a commuter.

"The bus stands and the service is very good. A lot of time is saved since it moves fast," said another commuter Manjula Khamar.

The BRTS covers more than 45 km in and around the city and generates daily revenue of Rs 8.5 lakh. Operated by the Ahmedabad Janmarg Limited with the expertise of Centre for Planning and Technology University, the project is already meeting its operational cost.

"About 50 per cent of the BRTS traffic has come from two and three wheeler users. The average speed of the BRTS is 25 km per hour and that is as good as two wheelers and cars. So it has been a huge success," said Professor Shivanand Swamy, chief planner, BRTS.

The project has recently won the global Best Sustainable Transport Award. And, with another 100 odd km of new BRTS routes over the next 18 months, the people of Ahmedabad can surely look forward to a reward of inexpensive and hassle-free travel.