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May 07, 2010 at 01:45pm IST

Airline refuses to fly mentally-challenged man

New Delhi: Rizwan Jaffri has been afflicted with cerebral palsy since he was three. The 38-year-old displays many childlike traits, but has never been a nuisance to those around him enabling him to lead a relatively normal life.

“He's 38-years old but his mind is like a six-years-old child. He has had this problem since birth,” said Shaheen, Rizwan Jaffery’s sister.

In May 4, Rizwan was not allowed to board an Indigo Airlines flight to Mumbai. The airline claimed that he was a threat to other passengers. This despite the family producing a medical certificate which declared Rizwan harmless. Ironically, Rizwan has travelled by air before.

“When we reached they didn't let us board. We explained that this is not the first time he's travelling by air and we had a certificate as well. But they refused to listen, “ said Mother Mira.

Rizwan along with his mother and sister ultimately missed the flight. The family is now asking for an investigation into the incident.

“We demand that the problem be taken up by the highest authorities, “ said Uncle.

The Lucknow manager of the airline has however claimed that the the Jaffris missed their flight because they arrived late.

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