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Jul 07, 2012 at 03:01pm IST

'Delhi Metro's Airport Express line stopped due to repair work, not losses'

New Delhi: The services of the Airport Express Metro line will be suspended from Sunday onwards. Interestingly, both the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and the Reliance Infra have cited repair work as the prime reason for stopping the service, and not financial losses.

In fact, representatives of both the DMRC and the Reliance Infra say that safety concerns was the only reason for the temporary suspension of the Airport Express.

The Airport Express began its operations in February 2011.

A spokesperson of Reliance Infra said, "I'm not going to mislead you by telling that this line is making profit. But many public-private partnerships do not make profits... There are solutions. This decision is based on safety and operations of the line and not on the financials of the line."

Meanwhile, it is the people who are going to bear the brunt of the decision.

"It will be difficult for tourists who want to go downtown," said one. "It will affect so many people, they should not let such a situation arise," said another.