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Nov 18, 2011 at 03:34pm IST

Airtel reveals iPhone 4S India prices; Rs 44,500 for 16GB, Rs 50,900 for 32 GB

New Delhi: Airtel, one of the two mobile service providers bringing the iPhone 4S to India, has revealed the price that Indian consumers will have to pay to acquire the latest object of desire from Apple.

Airtel on its iPhone 4S pre-order page has listed the iPhone 4S 16GB at Rs 44,500 and the 32GB model for Rs 50,900. This pricing is substantially higher than the older models of the iPhone sold by Airtel. An iPhone 4 16GB is priced at Rs 35,500 and an 8GB iPhone 3GS is available for Rs 20,900.

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In the US the new iPhone 4S was launched at the same price as the iPhone 4.

Airtel reveals iPhone 4S India prices

The prices of the iPhone 4S in India are substantially higher than the iPhone 4.

The 64GB iPhone 4S model is not currently listed on the Airtel pre-order page and some reports say it was priced at Rs 57500 but Airtel later removed it.

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Airtel and Aircel are the first two Indian mobile operators to announce the iPhone 4S on their networks. The pre-orders from both the service providers are scheduled to begin on Friday. While Airtel is up with its pre-order page, Aircel is apparently facing a technical glitch.

Both Airtel and Aircel have announced November 25 as the official release date.

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