Jul 22, 2011 at 10:03am IST

All praise for Tamil-style architecture

CHENNAI: On her maiden visit to Chennai, Hillary Clinton opened her speech with the traditional ‘Vanakkam’ and praised Tamil architecture that has influenced the temple architecture in far away Angkor Wat in Cambodia.
While speaking on India’s leadership role in the South East Asian region, she said that there was no better place to discuss India’s leadership in the region than Chennai, the port city looking out at the Bay of Bengal beyond to the nations of East and South East Asia.
“We are easily reminded of India’s role in the wide region. For thousands of years, Indian traders have sailed those waters at South East Asia and beyond. Indian culture has left its mark here. The temple of Angkor Wat speaks of the influence of Tamil architecture. The Hindu god Ganesh stands in Indonesian homes.”
Stating that she was delighted to be in Chennai, Hillary lauded the impressive Anna Centenary Library. Praising TN, she said it was one of the most industrialised and globalised state in India.